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Dealing with asphalt parking lot damage? Parking Lot Repairs from YSC Paving are the way to go!

In Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, YSC Paving is the commercial asphalt paving company with the most experience with parking lots, whether that’s parking lot maintenance, installation, or repairs. Because we’re well-versed in parking lot paving, we can diagnose and address your asphalt pavement problems without breaking the bank.

Phoenix AZ Parking Lot Repair Services

Parking lot damage can sneak up on you. The hot sun and temperature changes felt by Arizona asphalt pavement contribute to pavement breakdown, causing cracks, potholes, depressions, and other types of asphalt damage. It’s important to get professional parking lot repairs from a local paving company that understands local conditions: like YSC Paving.

Our Proven Asphalt Repair Solutions for Parking Lots

  • Crack Sealing – Extend the life of your parking lot by filling in cracks in the asphalt surface, preventing them from growing, connecting, and worsening.
  • Patch Repairs – Asphalt patching services fix potholes and other localized areas of pavement damage. We can perform both full-depth asphalt removal and replacement or apply surface patches to repair shallow damage like alligator cracking.
  • Asphalt Overlay – When your parking lot is old or shallow damage covers a majority of your parking lot, it may be time for asphalt overlay services. These services apply a new layer of asphalt over a damaged surface after minor repairs are performed.
  • Parking Lot Resurfacing – When there is major surface damage but the base layer is intact, asphalt milling and resurfacing services remove old pavement and replace it with a brand new layer of asphalt, giving your parking lot new life.

Avoid Asphalt Repairs with Ongoing Parking Lot Maintenance

To protect your parking lot surface from breakdown, you need quality asphalt maintenance services. These parking lot maintenance services include:

  • Seal Coating – Provides a protective coating that prevents pavement deterioration
  • Pavement Cleaning – Removes debris and chemical spills from vehicles
  • Line Striping – Refreshes the traffic paint between parking spaces for increased visibility and driver safety

Start with Quality Asphalt Paving

To prevent expensive parking lot repairs, it’s best to start with high-quality asphalt installation services to begin with. At YSC Paving, we have extensive experience with parking lot paving, so we can install a stable and durable parking lot from the ground up. If your lot is beyond saving, we can also completely remove old pavement and replace it with brand new. With parking lot repaving services from YSC, you can restart the clock on your commercial pavement.

Choose YSC Paving for Parking Lot Repair in Phoenix AZ

Got asphalt cracks? Potholes on your parking lot? Depressions in our asphalt loading zone? Rutting on your commercial roadway? Let YSC Paving help! We have decades of experience in asphalt services in Arizona, so we can tackle any type of parking lot damage.

No matter your commercial asphalt or parking lot repair needs in Arizona, YSC Paving has a repair service to fix it! Contact us today!

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