Urgent Project Needs Asphalt Paving in Maricopa

Recently, YSC Paving was contacted by a business owner in Maricopa. The business was a flower shop and the owner explain that their parking lot had developed a large pothole right in the center of the parking area. There was no way that the owner could put this problem off, so she called us in to do the Maricopa asphalt paving, and we were able to fix it quickly for her.

The YSC Paving experts arrived at the flower shop and looked over the pothole that was explained to us. The pothole was extremely large and it needed attention immediately. The owner is lucky that none of her customers had fell and tripped or had a serious injury from the pothole. The crew went to work filling and patching the hole and by the end of the day we were able to have the repairs done. We let the customer know that the job was done and she came out to the parking lot to look it over. She said she couldn’t thank us enough for getting it fixed for her so fast. She said she was so worried about someone getting hurt or even their cars getting damaged when they parked in her parking lot. The customer said she is so glad that she called YSC Paving, because we provided her with the best Maricopa asphalt maintenance available. When we initially saw the pothole, we were very concerned and knew that she would need our service as soon as possible.

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