Asphalt Maintenance

From the family business to the largest apartment, residential or commercial properties, YSC Paving has the experience you can trust to restore and extend the life of your asphalt surface and parking facilities:

Our expert team at YSC begin by assessing your asphalt condition to determine if you need an asphalt maintenance service or a repair/rehabilitation process.  Our goals with a maintenance process is to extend the useful life of the surface, improve safety and increase usability for your users.  Our repair corrections are designed to improve the structure of the blacktop which in turn adds years to its life and avoids more costly services in the future.

If your surface requires routine maintenance, we can perform any of the following:

YSC Asphalt Maintenance Processes

  • Crack Sealing.  A very important part of extending the life of your surface
  • Sealcoating: We are the AZ leader in pavement sealing.  Add the protection and increase the resilience
  • Patching:  We’ll repair your potholes, and deteriorated pavement.
  • Overlay:  An economical way to address parking lot paving
  • Striping:  We’ll make this process easy and efficient

and much more!

Why Asphalt Maintenance is needed in the Phoenix AZ area

As your asphalt ages, the extreme elements in Arizona cause the blacktop to dry out, lose flexibility and surface strength.  We’ve all seen the fragile gray or oxidized surfaces in local parking lots and roads.  Not only do these surfaces look bad, but the surface itself becomes less able to flex and adequately distribute the weight of vehicles which can cause extremely expensive cracking and other damage.  By utilizing our industry leading asphalt Maintenance processes we can rejuvenate, seal and protect your surface.  This in turn can save you money, extend the life and give it the fresh look of new asphalt.


YSC Paving Arizona’s leading Asphalt Maintenance Company. Phoenix, AZ


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