Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance

Here at YSC Paving, Parking Lot Repair, Parking Lot Maintenance and commercial paving are our specialties.  For many years we have been fine tuning our processes, to save Phoenix area commercial property owners and managers money and improve the function of their parking lots.  The key to a performing and long lasting Asphalt parking lot is to keep the elements out!  Arizona weather is very hard on asphalt surfaces.  So we need to seal the surface regularly with the highest quality, commercial grade sealant.  This allows your asphalt to flex appropriately and to evenly distribute the weight of vehicles.  Regular asphalt maintenance is a must and is critical to extending the life of your parking surface.

Our Parking Lot Maintenance and repair services include:

  •   Sealcoating.  Only the highest quality sealants work here in AZ
  •   Crack Sealing. By filling small cracks regularly, you keep moisture out and extend the asphalt’s useful life
  •   Striping. Keep your customers happy and increase the curb appeal with fresh striping
  •   Sweeping and Cleaning. Keep the Arizona dust and sand at bay!
  •   Winter Prep. Prepare your surface for seasonal changes and extend it’s life
  •   Patching and Asphalt Rehabilitation. Potholes and problem areas are common, Fix them early and properly!
  •   Complete Resurfacing. An Asphalt Overly is a cost effective way to maintain the look and functionality you need!

Parking Lot Maintenance Programs

We strive to make things easy for you.  We can come out, inspect your surface and discuss ways that we can help extend the life of your parking lot.  We’ve worked with businesses all over the valley.  From Surprise to Cave Creek, Through Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix and on down through Chandler to San Tan Valley!

We understand that you are very busy and with our help, managing your asphalt surfaces just became easier and more cost effective.

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