Excellent Job!

Epayed the balance due on the job today and it’s scheduled for delivery on March 16. We are very please with the job, Chris, the crew, and the foreman were excellent and the job was handled very professionally.

Thank you

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Anne and Al Cleveland
Great Driveway Paving Experience!

I had a great experience having YSC Paving pave my driveway. First, let me give you some background regarding my perspective. In the past, I’ve had some bad experiences with contractors of all types. A few examples: Not showing up when they say they will, not following explicit instructions (and doing the job incorrectly), and lack of communication. I had none of these issues with YSC and they continued to surprise me with their customer service during and after the job.

The job began with an estimate, which was the job of Chris Cathcart, who would be my main contact throughout the process. He showed up when he said he would and got me a written estimate quickly. A nice touch here was that the estimate included a satellite image with an outline over the area to be paved. This graphic showed me that we were on the same page as to the scope of the job. The estimate was reasonable, too.

The next process was the pulverizing of the old asphalt driveway. The crew was on time, courteous and the job foreman took time to explain the process. The next day, a different crew actually came out to do the paving (I learned YSC has separate crews for these two tasks). As was the case the day before, they were on time, courteous, and were pleased to explain the process.

The job took two days and was completed on schedule, and the driveway looks great.

Now, here is the best part: very shortly after the job was done, a trucking company damaged the driveway. Even though the job was done and they were paid, Chris and one of the owners of the company were right by my side providing the support and expertise necessary to deal with the insurance companies involved. Without them, I would have had to hire an expert to render an opinion. This greatly exceeded my expectations.

Part of the reason I’m writing this review is that I had never had anything paved before and at the time did not see many reviews to help guide me to a good company. Thus, I took a chance on YSC and I’m glad I did. I would have complete confidence in YSC to do virtually any paving job, and do so with great results, professionalism, customer service and, if necessary, after-sales support.

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Eric L.
Scale of 1-10, I Give You A Solid 14!

A note of appreciation to you and your crews for the superb repaving job at Smoketree.

1.  Your bidding analysis was the most professional and complete among the six bidders we used.  You were the only one who took elevations and core samples.

2.  The scope of work you proposed was the most extensive and complete.  Most important, when compared apples-to-apples it was also the lowest bid.  Actually, one of the six bidders, a larger company, on learning we had you bidding also declined to bid our small job saying they would just pass it off to you anyway.  Thus we would likely have engaged you even you had not been the low bidder.

3.  Your removal and grading crew were able to grade accurately enough to make one area with only a 2 1/2″ drop over 40′ drain properly and another with a 7″ drop over about 100′ with a 90 degree turn also drain properly.  The paving crew was able to match the grading with a remarkable degree of accuracy.  Neither did any damage to nearby mailboxes, lighting and landscaping.

4.  Today you informed me that taxes had decreased between the time you bid and the work and that we will be getting a $180 refund.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give you extra credit for each of the above  making your score a solid 14.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.

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Jock Wulffson President, Smoketree HOA
Your Crew Did a GREAT Job!

Susan, I’m dropping a check in the mail to you today.  Your crew did a GREAT job!!  It was a pleasure to watch them work – such teamwork and professionalism.  The job really turned out well.  I know it was a small job, in the grand scheme of things, but it was an important one for me.  Thanks!

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Larry Phoenix, AZ
Great Work!

Great Work!

Thanks to all at YSC.  You guys were straight shooters, easy to work with and my parking lot looks great.  Highest recommendation!

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Dave Scottsdale, AZ

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