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Is It Important For The Asphalt Contractor To Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

The most important thing to know before hiring a Phoenix asphalt contractor is to know if they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Why is this so important? Because it will protect you as a homeowner from any claims and damages to your property. It will also protect you if a worker gets hurt on the property while doing the asphalt project that you have hired the asphalt company to do.

How do you know if the asphalt contractor is licensed?

Does a homeowner have to call the local offices to see if the asphalt contractor has the appropriate license for asphalt? You don’t have to call the local offices in your city. You can ask the asphalt contractor when they come to your home to do a free estimate on your asphalt project. The asphalt contractor that has a license will have it on them to show the homeowner. The contractor will be proud to show the license that they have earned.

Aren’t bonding and insurance the same thing, and what does the contractor need to carry?

The contractor needs to carry two types of insurance. The contractor needs to have liability insurance on the heavy equipment that they use for an asphalt project. The heavy equipment has to be insured to protect the homeowner. The asphalt contractor should also have workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance is insurance that is designed to cover any accidents or injuries that an employee of the asphalt company may have while on the job. The worker’s compensation insurance frees the owner of any responsibility when it comes to accidents or injuries that occur on their property when the asphalt project is being done.

Bonding and insurance are two different things. Bonding is a form of insurance, but the bonding protects the homeowner from work that is done poorly. The homeowner will not have to pay for another asphalt contractor to redo the job because the bonding will cover these types of costs.

To know if your asphalt contractor has the proper insurance and bonding, ask the contractor to show you these documents. The contractor will have them to show you if they indeed carry the right insurance and bonding.

Insurance, bonded, and a license is not an option, it should be a priority for an asphalt contractor. All asphalt contractor should have all three.

How Can I Tell If A Quality Job Was Performed On My Asphalt Project?

The factors that can determine quality work relates to the experience that you have had with the contractor and the crew, the equipment used to perform the project, the skill set of the contractor and the crew, and the value each and every worker sees in each project they complete.

A Phoenix asphalt contractor will want to have a good working relationship with the owner from the time that the contractor meets the homeowner to go over the asphalt project, until the time the contractor is cleaning up the area and presenting the final bill to the homeowner.

The contractor and the crew will provide quality materials that are being used for the asphalt project. There will be no short cuts on quality materials for the customers. The contractor and crew will work hard and provide quality asphalt for you. The crew and contractor should go that extra mile to make sure that you are pleased with the asphalt project they are completing for you.

The crew will be able to use heavy equipment that has been maintained and been properly taken care of. They will all be qualified and skilled in the asphalt industry. The contractor will make sure that the asphalt project is installed with precise, high quality work and effort. When the asphalt project is complete, the crew will clean up the area and make sure the property looks great. There should be no mess left for the homeowner to clean. The asphalt project will be roped off so nobody will walk or drive on the newly laid asphalt.

The contractor will have the homeowner inspect the finished asphalt project. The contractor will show you all the details of your asphalt project. The contractor will allow the homeowner to ask any questions. Lastly, the homeowner will pay the contractor for a quality job well done.

When the asphalt contractor has an open line of communication with the homeowner and provides quality work, then the homeowner will know for certain that the asphalt project has been performed with the highest quality a contractor can supply. The homeowner will be happy that they received a high quality asphalt project that can last them up to 30 years, along with an honest asphalt contractor that they can depend on for future projects.

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