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Are There Different Types Of Asphalt and If There Are, What Should I Use?

There are different types of asphalt, so what type of asphalt does a contractor offer a homeowner and when should a homeowner use the different type of asphalt? The asphalt is basically the same when it is installed, but the materials used in each type of mixture are a bit different. There are two primary types of asphalts available, including:

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMAC): The hot mix asphalt (HMAC) uses a high temperature. The hot mix asphalt is heated up to a temperature of 320 degrees. The high temperature will decrease any moisture while providing a strong and durable surface. The hot mix asphalt is commonly used for highways and parking areas that get a lot of traffic daily.

Warm Mix Asphalt or (WAM): The warm mix asphalt adds zeolites, waxes, and even emulsion to reduce the temperature of the asphalt. The lesser temperature reduces the emission fumes that are commonly associated with asphalt.

Cold Mix Asphalt: The cold mix asphalt uses a process where the asphalt is soaked in a soapy water before it is mixed with the rock and sand mixture. The cold mix asphalt uses no high temperature at all. The cold mix asphalt is commonly used for less traveled areas or for a patching repair as the cold mix asphalt doesn’t provide the strength and durability that the hot mix asphalt can provide.

The three different types of asphalt allow the contractor and homeowner to select the asphalt that will best match the needs of the specific area. The hot mix asphalt and the warm mix asphalt are commonly used for driveways and walkways and is the best choice in asphalt for homeowners.

The asphalt provides a durable surface that can last the homeowner up to 30 years of life if the asphalt is laid down properly, with routine maintenance work performed on the surface. Homeowners that add asphalt to their home can expect the value of their home to raise. Asphalt is the leading choice for driveways, as it is affordable, durable, and long lasting.

Is the cost different depending on the type of asphalt? The price depends on the area of the asphalt project along with the heating, materials, and supplies. The asphalt contractor will go over the costs of the different asphalt with the you so you can decide, if the cost difference is the determining factor in which type of asphalt you choose.

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