Buckeye Paving Specialists Give Thorough Assessment

A realtor in Buckeye was developing a new apartment building. The planned apartment building site was going to need extensive asphalt paving. Before the realtor could get investment backing he would have to have the paving done. He needed a contract bid for paving, so he called YSC. YSC was able to help him itemize every cost on their bid, so that the proposal would likely be more attractive to investors. The realtor took the bid to investors, and immediately he received the funding that he needed for the asphalt paving. He knew who he was going to call for his paving Buckeye professionals depended upon, YSC. He didn’t hesitate to call us, and we were able to draw on our extensive skills and knowledge to be able to provide our client with a solid and comprehensive bid.

Eventually the developer called us back in to perform the work we had previously agreed on. Our crew arrived at the location and started some initial paving repairs. Once all the repairs were made, the crew repaved the entire parking lot. YSC had the parking lot finished ahead of schedule, which pleased the customer while the investors were highly impressed with our outstanding work. The apartment building is now being rented out, and the realtor said there are only two units left that they are simply screening applicants for. He was able to rent nearly the entire building with good renters, and he is giving YSC all of the credit. He said if he hadn’t found the most professional Buckeye paving company, then he wasn’t sure the deal would have gone through. YSC is the paving professionals that all businesses can contact for all their paving and asphalt needs.

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