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Re-Striping Brightens Scottsdale Parking Lot Paving

We received a phone call from a customer looking to service his parking lot paving in Scottsdale, AZ who was in need of parking lot maintenance and re-striping. The current striping had become faded, which made it hard for customers to see where to park. Our customer called us to prevent any sort of accident from occurring in his parking lot. We always do our best to understand the concerns of each customer in terms of what they need from their asphalt surface. In this case the customer needed to have us perform our restriping service so that people navigating the lot would have no trouble making distinctions between spaces.

The Young, Swenson & Cross Paving team arrived on time and started prepping the lot for striping. Our team worked until all of the parking lot stripes were laid. We did this in just under a day, which was a very reasonable time frame to complete the work in. Our customer saw the finished lot and told us it brightened everything up and the lines were drastically more visible. He thanked us for coming out so quickly and providing an affordable price!

We are always happy to make another customer satisfied with our good work. If you’re interested in our line striping services or parking lot maintenance capabilities, give us a call today and discuss your project with us.


Buckeye Paving Specialists Give Thorough Assessment

A realtor in Buckeye was developing a new apartment building. The planned apartment building site was going to need extensive asphalt paving. Before the realtor could get investment backing he would have to have the paving done. He needed a contract bid for paving, so he called YSC. YSC was able to help him itemize every cost on their bid, so that the proposal would likely be more attractive to investors. The realtor took the bid to investors, and immediately he received the funding that he needed for the asphalt paving. He knew who he was going to call for his paving Buckeye professionals depended upon, YSC. He didn’t hesitate to call us, and we were able to draw on our extensive skills and knowledge to be able to provide our client with a solid and comprehensive bid.

Eventually the developer called us back in to perform the work we had previously agreed on. Our crew arrived at the location and started some initial paving repairs. Once all the repairs were made, the crew repaved the entire parking lot. YSC had the parking lot finished ahead of schedule, which pleased the customer while the investors were highly impressed with our outstanding work. The apartment building is now being rented out, and the realtor said there are only two units left that they are simply screening applicants for. He was able to rent nearly the entire building with good renters, and he is giving YSC all of the credit. He said if he hadn’t found the most professional Buckeye paving company, then he wasn’t sure the deal would have gone through. YSC is the paving professionals that all businesses can contact for all their paving and asphalt needs.

Maricopa Parking Lot Paving for New Business with an Old Lot

A Maricopa former sheriff’s deputy hung up the badge and opened a little arcade, because he absolutely loved video games. He had been playing video games since he was a young teenager. When he got off of work he would play video games to relieve any stress from being in law enforcement, and now that he was retired he could devote his time to his passion of gaming. The only problem with opening the arcade was the parking lot. The parking lot needed to have work done on it. The parking lot had potholes that were so huge that it was downright dangerous for anyone to walk across the parking lot, let alone parking their cars on it.

The retired sheriff’s deputy happened to be friends with a retired concrete contractor who hooked him up with YSC Paving, because the concrete guy knew that they could offer the parking lot paving Maricopa drivers and gamers could rely on. He called YSC Paving, and we let him know that he doesn’t have to worry, because we are the parking lot paving specialists. We would have his parking lot repaired in no time at all. Our crew arrived on Monday morning, and started the parking lot paving repairs. We were able to have the work done a day ahead of schedule, and right on budget. The customer is upbeat and is in high spirits now, because all his fellow gamers can come to the arcade and have a safe place to walk and park thanks to YSC Paving.

What Questions Should I Ask An Asphalt Contractor?

An asphalt pavement is an important decision for a homeowner. The asphalt is what is driven on to get you home. It adds to the appearance of the home, while also providing many benefits for a homeowner, and is why there should be some questions that you should ask your asphalt contractor.

How does a homeowner know which questions are more important than other questions? The truth is, all questions are important to ask. Any time a homeowner is adding anything to their home, they should ask their contractor every question they have.

When the contractor comes to your home to look over the area you would like to have asphalt applied to, have a list of questions ready to ask so you do not forget them. The homeowner should show the area where they would like to add asphalt, allow the contractor to look over the area, and then start asking questions.

“How much will it cost to install the asphalt in this area?” Once the contractor can see the area, they can start figuring the cost of supplies, materials, man power, and equipment needed to do the asphalt project, along with an approximate cost of the project.

“Do you have a license to complete my asphalt project?” The contractor can show the homeowner at this moment if they have a license to perform the asphalt project. Do they have insurance on the equipment and their employees? The contractor should be able to present the insurance for the equipment and employees at this time.

“Do you offer any warranty on the asphalt project?” If there is a warranty included on the asphalt project, the contractor will write it down in the bid and bill for the homeowner. The warranty will be stated clearly on the paperwork.

“How long will it take to have the asphalt project completed?” The contractor will estimate how much time the project will take. The contractor will go over the steps of installing the asphalt and how long each individual step will take.

These questions will cover the major concerns for the homeowner. The contractor can immediately answer and show any documents at this time. The homeowner will be able to decide if this is the contractor that they would like to hire for their asphalt project. This is a big decision for every homeowner, so having a qualified contractor will ease any worries or concerns.

For more information on Arizona’s #1 asphalt company, click here!

Parking Lot Paving in Tempe

This customer location is very busy and they can’t be without their parking lot during the week.  The parking lot was in very poor condition and needed to be removed and replaced.  YSC organized this work to begin Friday afternoon, work into Friday night.  Complete regarding and repaving on Saturday and Sunday.  Restripe the parking lot late Sunday and early Monday morning.  The YSC plan worked well and the Customer had their new parking lot for open of business Monday morning.

Parking Lot Paving in Tempe, AZ

Parking Lot Paving Glendale AZ & Sealcoating

Approximately, one year ago, Our team removed the old asphalt in the parking lot, re-graded the base materials, and installed new asphalt.  The two retail establishments of Smart & Final and Trader Joes are side by side and keeping both retail stores happy with the disruption in the parking lot was a challenge, but the project was completed with minimal disruption to their customer’s parking.  We were asked to come back this year and apply a sealcoat to the new asphalt in the parking lot.  Again, because of the two different retail stores that share this same parking area, it was a challenge to carry out this work without inconvenience to each store’s respective customers.  We organized and phased it’s work to make sure convenient parking areas were open at all times for both stores.  The project was completed with only minor inconvenience to each of the retail stores and everyone was happy.

and here is a nice review from the project!

“Young, Swenson, & Cross Paving  has always given us great competitive prices,  outstanding service, and fantastic  results.  Everyone you deal with in their company is a true professional”

Matt Morris
Construction Manager
Koss Real Estate Investments


Parking Lot Paving Glendale, AZ  Trader Joes

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