Re-Striping Brightens Scottsdale Parking Lot Paving

We received a phone call from a customer looking to service his parking lot paving in Scottsdale, AZ who was in need of parking lot maintenance and re-striping. The current striping had become faded, which made it hard for customers to see where to park. Our customer called us to prevent any sort of accident from occurring in his parking lot. We always do our best to understand the concerns of each customer in terms of what they need from their asphalt surface. In this case the customer needed to have us perform our restriping service so that people navigating the lot would have no trouble making distinctions between spaces.

The Young, Swenson & Cross Paving team arrived on time and started prepping the lot for striping. Our team worked until all of the parking lot stripes were laid. We did this in just under a day, which was a very reasonable time frame to complete the work in. Our customer saw the finished lot and told us it brightened everything up and the lines were drastically more visible. He thanked us for coming out so quickly and providing an affordable price!

We are always happy to make another customer satisfied with our good work. If you’re interested in our line striping services or parking lot maintenance capabilities, give us a call today and discuss your project with us.


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