Maricopa Parking Lot Paving for New Business with an Old Lot

A Maricopa former sheriff’s deputy hung up the badge and opened a little arcade, because he absolutely loved video games. He had been playing video games since he was a young teenager. When he got off of work he would play video games to relieve any stress from being in law enforcement, and now that he was retired he could devote his time to his passion of gaming. The only problem with opening the arcade was the parking lot. The parking lot needed to have work done on it. The parking lot had potholes that were so huge that it was downright dangerous for anyone to walk across the parking lot, let alone parking their cars on it.

The retired sheriff’s deputy happened to be friends with a retired concrete contractor who hooked him up with YSC Paving, because the concrete guy knew that they could offer the parking lot paving Maricopa drivers and gamers could rely on. He called YSC Paving, and we let him know that he doesn’t have to worry, because we are the parking lot paving specialists. We would have his parking lot repaired in no time at all. Our crew arrived on Monday morning, and started the parking lot paving repairs. We were able to have the work done a day ahead of schedule, and right on budget. The customer is upbeat and is in high spirits now, because all his fellow gamers can come to the arcade and have a safe place to walk and park thanks to YSC Paving.

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