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Crack Seal Prevents Damage for Quality Scottsdale Parking Lot Maintenance

YSC serviced a customer for parking lot maintenance in Scottsdale. The parking lot was in fairly good shape, but cracks were starting to form. The customer had a tight budget, so we gave an estimate for the services to make sure the price would work for him. He was thrilled that he would be able to ensure that the parking lot outside his shop would remain durable and reliable at a decent price. We arrived on the scheduled day and went to work on filling the cracks. Luckily, the cracks weren’t very deep, so the base hadn’t been affected. We cleaned the surrounding area and filled the cracks with a filler, then wiped the excess away. Every time we take on a project, be it a major overhaul, a minor repair or a completely new installation, we always do the best job we possibly can.

That might be the reason that we get so many weekly referral calls. Our way of doing businesses has frequently really impressed our clients and it is just one of the ways we have become a leader in the Scottsdale Asphalt contracting industry. The customer called YSC a week later to let us know that he was happy with the work that we had done and thanked us.


Phoenix Parking Lot Repair Fixes up Potholes

We had a customer who really needed parking lot repair in Phoenix. The last contractor that worked on the lot didn’t correct the problem, so YSC was called out. We always do a thorough, excellent job and are sure to work with the client so that all of their requirements are met. This is how every professional asphalt contractor should operate, but unfortunately there are some firms out there that can cut corners.

We met the client at the site and he described and showed us some of the areas that had been damaged. Our crew began to work on the potholes by cleaning the surrounding areas first. We then filled the hole with pothole repair and packed it full. The last step of repairing the potholes was compacting the materials with our vibrating plate equipment. Pothole repair is a very straightforward task for us because we have the skills and experience from having performed services of this nature for many years. We’ve also made significant investments in technology and equipment that allows us to take and complete jobs like these very easily.

Once we had all the potholes repaired, we informed the customer so he could look at our work. He was pleased with the work that we had done. We gave the customer a courtesy call a week later to see how the repairs were. The customer said the job was done with excellence! It always makes us happy to do complete a project with lasting results.

Phoenix Parking Lot Pothole and Crack Repair Improves Safety

Young, Swenson & Cross Paving serviced a customer in Phoenix. The customer was concerned about his parking lot’s safety because it started to get small potholes and cracks, so he called us out. Our crew went to work immediately to fill and seal the potholes and cracks. After, we added a smooth Phoenix sealcoating on top. The job was a success and the customer came out to inspect over the parking lot and said, “Wow, it looks so good!” He told us he was glad this was complete because he didn’t want any of his customers to get hurt or damage their vehicles when they visited his establishment. He said he called out another paving company, but their price was outrageous, so finding our company was a relief!

Young, Swenson & Cross Paving would like to thank you for choosing us for your parking lot repairs. Young, Swenson & Cross Paving has been providing Phoenix with superior asphalt services for over  twenty-five years. We can keep your parking lot looking great and safe for your customers with our many asphalt services. We offer parking lot striping, sealcoating, resurfacing, and maintenance. Contact us anytime you need our services in the future or you would like to start a maintenance program for your parking lot.

Scottsdale Sealcoating is Necessary for Maintenance

Recently, YSC Young, Swenson & Cross Paving was contacted by a friendly neighborhood restaurant owner. The restaurant owner was needing their bi-annual sealcoating. Ever since they had gotten the recommendation from YSC they’ve had the same parking lot for at least four years. We scheduled the bi-annual sealcoating in Scottsdale and the YSC crew arrived at the location as scheduled.

The YSC crew started the prep work that is needed before the sealcoating process is started. The crew cleaned the parking lot thoroughly, then made sure there were no cracks or potholes that needed any attention. The crew started the sealcoating and worked until it was completed. The customer happen to pull up when the crew was cleaning up the worksite, which we always do. The customer said he is always thrilled with the work that YSC has provided for him in the past. He said that now that the working relationship has been established YSC was able to provide services that kept the restaurant’s parking lot durable for years to come. He said he had been using YSC as his personal asphalt paving company and ever since the first service was performed he has seen a big improvement with his parking lot. He said that YSC is the sealcoating Scottsdale businesses can count on, because we provide an in-depth sealcoating service that leaves a parking lot safe, stable, durable, and strong. His customers are happy that the parking lot is always tended to and his business is continuing to grow, thanks to YSC.

Avondale Sealcoating Enhances Purchased Property

An Avondale couple recently bought a property with a fairly large parking space. The couple decided it would benefit them if they had the parking space seal coated, because it would protect the parking lot from the heat, and the sealcoating would also provide curb appeal for the property, which was another reason because they were wanting to sell the property quickly. They contacted YSC Paving to have an estimate of sealcoating avondale residents might have done on the parking space, and YSC Paving met at the property, and gave them a price they couldn’t resist. They were amazed that we could start the sealcoating the next day.

The YSC Paving team arrived on the day scheduled and started the sealcoating process. At the end of the day the parking space sealcoating was completed, and a success. The two were delighted with the way the parking space turned out, and they were able to sell the property quickly simply because of the quality of the lot, and they made a significant sum, just by making phone calls, signing papers, and knowing which company to call for the sealcoating Avondale trusts; YSC Paving. YSC Paving has more than twenty five years of paving experience, and our experience allows us to provide each customer with quality asphalt work at prices that our customers can appreciate. YSC Paving’s reputation speaks for itself, and that is why we have been named the sealcoating Avondale specialists. It doesn’t matter what size your asphalt is, YSC Paving can meet your needs, big or small.

Maricopa Parking Lot Paving for New Business with an Old Lot

A Maricopa former sheriff’s deputy hung up the badge and opened a little arcade, because he absolutely loved video games. He had been playing video games since he was a young teenager. When he got off of work he would play video games to relieve any stress from being in law enforcement, and now that he was retired he could devote his time to his passion of gaming. The only problem with opening the arcade was the parking lot. The parking lot needed to have work done on it. The parking lot had potholes that were so huge that it was downright dangerous for anyone to walk across the parking lot, let alone parking their cars on it.

The retired sheriff’s deputy happened to be friends with a retired concrete contractor who hooked him up with YSC Paving, because the concrete guy knew that they could offer the parking lot paving Maricopa drivers and gamers could rely on. He called YSC Paving, and we let him know that he doesn’t have to worry, because we are the parking lot paving specialists. We would have his parking lot repaired in no time at all. Our crew arrived on Monday morning, and started the parking lot paving repairs. We were able to have the work done a day ahead of schedule, and right on budget. The customer is upbeat and is in high spirits now, because all his fellow gamers can come to the arcade and have a safe place to walk and park thanks to YSC Paving.

Youngtown Doc Stops Driveway from Falling through the Cracks

A busy doctor contacted YSC last week after searching what was available for the fastest Youngtown Driveway repair. The busy doctor said he had neglected his driveway for the last twenty years, and it was time that he had asphalt repair done on the driveway. The team at YSC was scheduled to evaluate the doctor’s driveway the next afternoon. The team arrived, and the doctor was not exaggerating. The driveway was in bad shape. There were many potholes along the driveway, and cracks were everywhere. The YSC team thoroughly evaluated the driveway, and even with the extensive damage determined that the driveway was a good candidate for asphalt repair. The YSC team gave the doctor an estimate, and the doctor was ready to have the work completed as soon as possible, so we scheduled the asphalt repair for two days later.

The YSC team arrived promptly on time two days later, and started filling the potholes and cracks. When that process was completed the team applied sealcoating to the driveway, then cleaned up the worksite. We called the doctor the following day to see how he liked the driveway repairs. The doctor couldn’t believe the transformation of the driveway. He said he was happy to have gone with YSC, and that the comapny should be providing all of the asphalt repair Youngtown needs. He couldn’t believe that the YSC team fixed the whole driveway and that it looks brand new again. We informed the doctor that YSC has an asphalt maintenance program that would keep his driveway looking great, but also durable and lasting long. YSC is a complete asphalt repair company.

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