Phoenix Parking Lot Pothole and Crack Repair Improves Safety

Young, Swenson & Cross Paving serviced a customer in Phoenix. The customer was concerned about his parking lot’s safety because it started to get small potholes and cracks, so he called us out. Our crew went to work immediately to fill and seal the potholes and cracks. After, we added a smooth Phoenix sealcoating on top. The job was a success and the customer came out to inspect over the parking lot and said, “Wow, it looks so good!” He told us he was glad this was complete because he didn’t want any of his customers to get hurt or damage their vehicles when they visited his establishment. He said he called out another paving company, but their price was outrageous, so finding our company was a relief!

Young, Swenson & Cross Paving would like to thank you for choosing us for your parking lot repairs. Young, Swenson & Cross Paving has been providing Phoenix with superior asphalt services for over  twenty-five years. We can keep your parking lot looking great and safe for your customers with our many asphalt services. We offer parking lot striping, sealcoating, resurfacing, and maintenance. Contact us anytime you need our services in the future or you would like to start a maintenance program for your parking lot.

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