Scottsdale Sealcoating is Necessary for Maintenance

Recently, YSC Young, Swenson & Cross Paving was contacted by a friendly neighborhood restaurant owner. The restaurant owner was needing their bi-annual sealcoating. Ever since they had gotten the recommendation from YSC they’ve had the same parking lot for at least four years. We scheduled the bi-annual sealcoating in Scottsdale and the YSC crew arrived at the location as scheduled.

The YSC crew started the prep work that is needed before the sealcoating process is started. The crew cleaned the parking lot thoroughly, then made sure there were no cracks or potholes that needed any attention. The crew started the sealcoating and worked until it was completed. The customer happen to pull up when the crew was cleaning up the worksite, which we always do. The customer said he is always thrilled with the work that YSC has provided for him in the past. He said that now that the working relationship has been established YSC was able to provide services that kept the restaurant’s parking lot durable for years to come. He said he had been using YSC as his personal asphalt paving company and ever since the first service was performed he has seen a big improvement with his parking lot. He said that YSC is the sealcoating Scottsdale businesses can count on, because we provide an in-depth sealcoating service that leaves a parking lot safe, stable, durable, and strong. His customers are happy that the parking lot is always tended to and his business is continuing to grow, thanks to YSC.

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