Crack Seal Prevents Damage for Quality Scottsdale Parking Lot Maintenance

YSC serviced a customer for parking lot maintenance in Scottsdale. The parking lot was in fairly good shape, but cracks were starting to form. The customer had a tight budget, so we gave an estimate for the services to make sure the price would work for him. He was thrilled that he would be able to ensure that the parking lot outside his shop would remain durable and reliable at a decent price. We arrived on the scheduled day and went to work on filling the cracks. Luckily, the cracks weren’t very deep, so the base hadn’t been affected. We cleaned the surrounding area and filled the cracks with a filler, then wiped the excess away. Every time we take on a project, be it a major overhaul, a minor repair or a completely new installation, we always do the best job we possibly can.

That might be the reason that we get so many weekly referral calls. Our way of doing businesses has frequently really impressed our clients and it is just one of the ways we have become a leader in the Scottsdale Asphalt contracting industry. The customer called YSC a week later to let us know that he was happy with the work that we had done and thanked us.


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