Youngtown Doc Stops Driveway from Falling through the Cracks

A busy doctor contacted YSC last week after searching what was available for the fastest Youngtown Driveway repair. The busy doctor said he had neglected his driveway for the last twenty years, and it was time that he had asphalt repair done on the driveway. The team at YSC was scheduled to evaluate the doctor’s driveway the next afternoon. The team arrived, and the doctor was not exaggerating. The driveway was in bad shape. There were many potholes along the driveway, and cracks were everywhere. The YSC team thoroughly evaluated the driveway, and even with the extensive damage determined that the driveway was a good candidate for asphalt repair. The YSC team gave the doctor an estimate, and the doctor was ready to have the work completed as soon as possible, so we scheduled the asphalt repair for two days later.

The YSC team arrived promptly on time two days later, and started filling the potholes and cracks. When that process was completed the team applied sealcoating to the driveway, then cleaned up the worksite. We called the doctor the following day to see how he liked the driveway repairs. The doctor couldn’t believe the transformation of the driveway. He said he was happy to have gone with YSC, and that the comapny should be providing all of the asphalt repair Youngtown needs. He couldn’t believe that the YSC team fixed the whole driveway and that it looks brand new again. We informed the doctor that YSC has an asphalt maintenance program that would keep his driveway looking great, but also durable and lasting long. YSC is a complete asphalt repair company.

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