Phoenix Parking Lot Repair Fixes up Potholes

We had a customer who really needed parking lot repair in Phoenix. The last contractor that worked on the lot didn’t correct the problem, so YSC was called out. We always do a thorough, excellent job and are sure to work with the client so that all of their requirements are met. This is how every professional asphalt contractor should operate, but unfortunately there are some firms out there that can cut corners.

We met the client at the site and he described and showed us some of the areas that had been damaged. Our crew began to work on the potholes by cleaning the surrounding areas first. We then filled the hole with pothole repair and packed it full. The last step of repairing the potholes was compacting the materials with our vibrating plate equipment. Pothole repair is a very straightforward task for us because we have the skills and experience from having performed services of this nature for many years. We’ve also made significant investments in technology and equipment that allows us to take and complete jobs like these very easily.

Once we had all the potholes repaired, we informed the customer so he could look at our work. He was pleased with the work that we had done. We gave the customer a courtesy call a week later to see how the repairs were. The customer said the job was done with excellence! It always makes us happy to do complete a project with lasting results.

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