Scottsdale Grading Leads to Safe Parking Lot Replacement

Just a couple weeks ago a Scottsdale condo developer was wondering what to do about his broken down asphalt parking lot. The parking lot was in terrible shape. It had been neglected for many years, and due to this lack of maintenance on the parking lot had suffer major damage that included extensive potholes and cracks along with draining issues. The Scottsdale condo developer decided to try out a paving company that he didn’t have a previous relationship before, because he had heard that YSC Paving could provide the asphalt grading Scottsdale trusts. Based on the services he decided to have it replaced, and asked YSC to do a top notch job.

YSC Paving inspected the parking lot and unfortunately, the parking lot needed to be replaced. With so much damage the only permanent fix would to be install a new parking lot. YSC Paving have the equipment needed to provide this for the developer. We set up a day to start the project, and the YSC Paving crew arrived on site, and immediately went to work removing the current parking lot, then preparing for the new one. YSC Paving was able to complete the project ahead of schedule, which pleased the client. The client came out to see the finished parking lot and was speechless. He said he was fortunate to have found and hired the asphalt grading Scottsdale businesses owners relied on. Not only did YSC Paving do an excellent job, but they had the job done ahead of schedule and on budget.

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