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Maricopa Asphalt Contractor Needed by Dance Studio

A ballet studio had a student who sprained an ankle in the parking lot after stepping in a pothole. This situation was obviously unacceptable, so the studio owner called the best Maricopa asphalt contractor around, which was YSC Young, Swenson & Cross Paving. The Young, Swenson & Cross Paving crew met up with the studio owner, so we could get a good look at the parking lot and give them an estimate.

The studio owner showed the crew members the pothole where the young dancer sprained her ankle in and the crew noticed a few more too. The crew thoroughly inspected the parking lot, then gave the owner the estimate, which is gladly accepted. He wanted our crew to start as soon as we could, so the crew returned the following morning to start the asphalt repairs. The crew patched and filled the potholes and a few cracks that were very noticeable in the parking lot. At the end of the day the crew was able to have all the asphalt repairs completed. The studio owner was thrilled with the fast and affordable job that our company had provided him. The owner said he could not take a chance with another person being injured due to his parking lot and that he was pleased he called the best asphalt contractor Maricopa residents could trust, Young, Swenson & Cross Paving. All of his dancers will be safe when leaving the building, because we were able to come out so quickly and repair the asphalt.

What Is The Process Of Laying Down Asphalt?


The decision to have an asphalt driveway installed at your home is a financial investment. This financial investment should provide the highest quality of work and materials from the best Youngtown asphalt contractor. There is a process of laying down asphalt and a qualified asphalt contractor should follow this process so the homeowner gets the proper asphalt needed for their driveway.

The steps that are involved in laying down asphalt include:

  • The ground needs to be strong for the asphalt to be structurally sound. The foundation may need to have stones added to the ground so it can provide a sturdy foundation. If the foundation has a soft grounding material or stumps and roots, then this all must be removed first, then stones can be added to the area.
  • The foundation is one of the most important features of the asphalt. Gravel is added to the foundation to create the sub-base. The gravel will allow for drainage of water from the asphalt, along with providing support for the asphalt. The sub-base is rolled with a vibrating roller that will compact the sub-base. The compaction should be around two to three inches of sub-base thickness. The sub-base can’t be soft or unleveled, as this will affect the asphalt completely.
  • The hot asphalt is now ready to be laid. The hot asphalt is laid on top of the sub-base, and then rolled evenly. The surface has a paver and roller go over the asphalt so the asphalt is distributed evenly and compacted at the same time. The edges are hand tamped at a 45 degree angle so it provides the support needed for the asphalt.
  • The asphalt is laid and the crew will block off the asphalt so that nothing and no one is able to drive or walk on the asphalt.

The process of laying asphalt sounds pretty easy, but there is a lot of detail and hard work that goes into laying an asphalt driveway. Being an asphalt worker requires determination, craftsmanship, and dedication, as this is a hard and tedious profession, but the rewards are unlimited.

An asphalt contractor can do a regular sized driveway in two days. One day is used for getting the foundation and area ready for the asphalt and the second day is the actual laying of the asphalt. You will be able to walk on the asphalt 24 hours after the asphalt is completed. You can park and drive on the asphalt three days later. The process for asphalt is not quick, but the wait is worth it in the long run.

Is It Important For The Asphalt Contractor To Be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

The most important thing to know before hiring a Phoenix asphalt contractor is to know if they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Why is this so important? Because it will protect you as a homeowner from any claims and damages to your property. It will also protect you if a worker gets hurt on the property while doing the asphalt project that you have hired the asphalt company to do.

How do you know if the asphalt contractor is licensed?

Does a homeowner have to call the local offices to see if the asphalt contractor has the appropriate license for asphalt? You don’t have to call the local offices in your city. You can ask the asphalt contractor when they come to your home to do a free estimate on your asphalt project. The asphalt contractor that has a license will have it on them to show the homeowner. The contractor will be proud to show the license that they have earned.

Aren’t bonding and insurance the same thing, and what does the contractor need to carry?

The contractor needs to carry two types of insurance. The contractor needs to have liability insurance on the heavy equipment that they use for an asphalt project. The heavy equipment has to be insured to protect the homeowner. The asphalt contractor should also have workers compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance is insurance that is designed to cover any accidents or injuries that an employee of the asphalt company may have while on the job. The worker’s compensation insurance frees the owner of any responsibility when it comes to accidents or injuries that occur on their property when the asphalt project is being done.

Bonding and insurance are two different things. Bonding is a form of insurance, but the bonding protects the homeowner from work that is done poorly. The homeowner will not have to pay for another asphalt contractor to redo the job because the bonding will cover these types of costs.

To know if your asphalt contractor has the proper insurance and bonding, ask the contractor to show you these documents. The contractor will have them to show you if they indeed carry the right insurance and bonding.

Insurance, bonded, and a license is not an option, it should be a priority for an asphalt contractor. All asphalt contractor should have all three.

How Can I Tell If A Quality Job Was Performed On My Asphalt Project?

The factors that can determine quality work relates to the experience that you have had with the contractor and the crew, the equipment used to perform the project, the skill set of the contractor and the crew, and the value each and every worker sees in each project they complete.

A Phoenix asphalt contractor will want to have a good working relationship with the owner from the time that the contractor meets the homeowner to go over the asphalt project, until the time the contractor is cleaning up the area and presenting the final bill to the homeowner.

The contractor and the crew will provide quality materials that are being used for the asphalt project. There will be no short cuts on quality materials for the customers. The contractor and crew will work hard and provide quality asphalt for you. The crew and contractor should go that extra mile to make sure that you are pleased with the asphalt project they are completing for you.

The crew will be able to use heavy equipment that has been maintained and been properly taken care of. They will all be qualified and skilled in the asphalt industry. The contractor will make sure that the asphalt project is installed with precise, high quality work and effort. When the asphalt project is complete, the crew will clean up the area and make sure the property looks great. There should be no mess left for the homeowner to clean. The asphalt project will be roped off so nobody will walk or drive on the newly laid asphalt.

The contractor will have the homeowner inspect the finished asphalt project. The contractor will show you all the details of your asphalt project. The contractor will allow the homeowner to ask any questions. Lastly, the homeowner will pay the contractor for a quality job well done.

When the asphalt contractor has an open line of communication with the homeowner and provides quality work, then the homeowner will know for certain that the asphalt project has been performed with the highest quality a contractor can supply. The homeowner will be happy that they received a high quality asphalt project that can last them up to 30 years, along with an honest asphalt contractor that they can depend on for future projects.

Chandler Paving Company Approved by Aviators

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The other day, YSC Paving received a call form a hanger owner near the Chandler municipal airport. He needed to have the surfaces around his lot repaved, so as to better serve the aviation traffic which provided him with the income he needed. He contacted YSC to see if we could do the paving for him, and we sent out our best paving experts.

The YSC paving experts arrived at the lot, and looked over the pavement. The pavement needed minor repairs and some repaving. We gave the customer a bid, and he asked us to start as soon as possible. The YSC crew arrived bright and early in the following days. The crew made the repairs, then we repaved the entire lot. The lot looked brand new again. It was safe, durable, and could handle all the traffic that he wanted and needed. The customer called us a few days later to let us know that our crew did a fantastic job. He said that he was highly impressed with the work that we provided him, and that he doesn’t have to worry about his lot now that it looks much better. He told us how happy he was that it is now stronger to accommodate the traffic. He said YSC did a stellar job installing new asphalt and patching the old, and we are the paving company Chandler small businesses can trust. The price was affordable, and the work was outstanding.

Scottsdale Grading Leads to Safe Parking Lot Replacement

Just a couple weeks ago a Scottsdale condo developer was wondering what to do about his broken down asphalt parking lot. The parking lot was in terrible shape. It had been neglected for many years, and due to this lack of maintenance on the parking lot had suffer major damage that included extensive potholes and cracks along with draining issues. The Scottsdale condo developer decided to try out a paving company that he didn’t have a previous relationship before, because he had heard that YSC Paving could provide the asphalt grading Scottsdale trusts. Based on the services he decided to have it replaced, and asked YSC to do a top notch job.

YSC Paving inspected the parking lot and unfortunately, the parking lot needed to be replaced. With so much damage the only permanent fix would to be install a new parking lot. YSC Paving have the equipment needed to provide this for the developer. We set up a day to start the project, and the YSC Paving crew arrived on site, and immediately went to work removing the current parking lot, then preparing for the new one. YSC Paving was able to complete the project ahead of schedule, which pleased the client. The client came out to see the finished parking lot and was speechless. He said he was fortunate to have found and hired the asphalt grading Scottsdale businesses owners relied on. Not only did YSC Paving do an excellent job, but they had the job done ahead of schedule and on budget.

YSC Performs the Grading Apache Junction Business Uses for Quality Assessment

YSC Paving had a call awhile back from an Apache Junction shop owner. The Apache Junction shop owner called YSC Paving for the grading Apache Junction business owners use to find out about the quality of their asphalt. The customer was concerned that his asphalt was in bad shape, and he had heard that if he left the asphalt go unattended, then he would be facing hundreds of dollars in repairs. YSC Paving informed the shop owner that we would gladly come out and evaluate his parking lot, and let him know if there were any concerns with the asphalt.

YSC Paving went out to the Apache Junction location, and our asphalt specialists inspected the parking lot. The shop owner would be happy with our evaluation as it turned out the parking lot just needed some minor repairs done, and the minor repairs would keep his parking lot strong, clean looking, and durable. He opted with YSC Paving, the best paving company for the job, and was jubilant that his parking lot was not as bad as he thought it was, but he was thankful that he did call YSC Paving, because it is better to have small repairs done before they turn into a big and costly project. YSC Paving provides free estimates and evaluations on all parking lots for business owners in Apache Junction. We were named the number one paving company Apache Junction merchant owners can call for all their paving problems.

What Questions Should I Ask An Asphalt Contractor?

An asphalt pavement is an important decision for a homeowner. The asphalt is what is driven on to get you home. It adds to the appearance of the home, while also providing many benefits for a homeowner, and is why there should be some questions that you should ask your asphalt contractor.

How does a homeowner know which questions are more important than other questions? The truth is, all questions are important to ask. Any time a homeowner is adding anything to their home, they should ask their contractor every question they have.

When the contractor comes to your home to look over the area you would like to have asphalt applied to, have a list of questions ready to ask so you do not forget them. The homeowner should show the area where they would like to add asphalt, allow the contractor to look over the area, and then start asking questions.

“How much will it cost to install the asphalt in this area?” Once the contractor can see the area, they can start figuring the cost of supplies, materials, man power, and equipment needed to do the asphalt project, along with an approximate cost of the project.

“Do you have a license to complete my asphalt project?” The contractor can show the homeowner at this moment if they have a license to perform the asphalt project. Do they have insurance on the equipment and their employees? The contractor should be able to present the insurance for the equipment and employees at this time.

“Do you offer any warranty on the asphalt project?” If there is a warranty included on the asphalt project, the contractor will write it down in the bid and bill for the homeowner. The warranty will be stated clearly on the paperwork.

“How long will it take to have the asphalt project completed?” The contractor will estimate how much time the project will take. The contractor will go over the steps of installing the asphalt and how long each individual step will take.

These questions will cover the major concerns for the homeowner. The contractor can immediately answer and show any documents at this time. The homeowner will be able to decide if this is the contractor that they would like to hire for their asphalt project. This is a big decision for every homeowner, so having a qualified contractor will ease any worries or concerns.

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