Chandler Paving Company Approved by Aviators

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The other day, YSC Paving received a call form a hanger owner near the Chandler municipal airport. He needed to have the surfaces around his lot repaved, so as to better serve the aviation traffic which provided him with the income he needed. He contacted YSC to see if we could do the paving for him, and we sent out our best paving experts.

The YSC paving experts arrived at the lot, and looked over the pavement. The pavement needed minor repairs and some repaving. We gave the customer a bid, and he asked us to start as soon as possible. The YSC crew arrived bright and early in the following days. The crew made the repairs, then we repaved the entire lot. The lot looked brand new again. It was safe, durable, and could handle all the traffic that he wanted and needed. The customer called us a few days later to let us know that our crew did a fantastic job. He said that he was highly impressed with the work that we provided him, and that he doesn’t have to worry about his lot now that it looks much better. He told us how happy he was that it is now stronger to accommodate the traffic. He said YSC did a stellar job installing new asphalt and patching the old, and we are the paving company Chandler small businesses can trust. The price was affordable, and the work was outstanding.

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