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New Fitness Store Needs Parking Lot Paving in Phoenix

A new fitness store was wanting to have a great launch party outdoors, but before they could do this their parking lot needed some attention. They decided to  have YSC Paving perform their Phoenix parking lot paving, and once the lot was installed they had a huge grand opening that gave them a lot of great press. It also gave Young, Swenson & Cross Paving a lot of great referrals as well!

The YSC Paving team arrived at the business and started prepping the parking lot for the paving. The crew cleaned the parking lot with our commercial equipment so we could remove all the gas, oil, and any debris that is on the surface. The team started the paving process, then added sealcoating so the parking lot looked spectacular. The fitness store owner contacted the office two weeks later because he wanted us to know that he was very impressed with the parking lot paving that we provided for him. He said that the launch party was such a success, and that when he had his grand opening he was able to sell so many pieces of fitness equipment to new customers that it nearly paid for the parking lot paving itself. He went on to say that the neighboring business owners asked him who did his parking lot, because it looked great. He told them that YSC paving is the Phoenix parking lot paving expert. We were very grateful for the positive feedback and the referral. More than that, we really do enjoy helping our clients out by delivering on quality services.

Parking Lot Sealcoating & Striping for Phoenix Business Owner

A business owner in Phoenix, AZ gave us a call to update his parking lot. The parking lot is a reflection on your business and what customers notice first, and this particular customer was well aware of this fact. He knew that we could provide excellent parking lot maintenance services to him because we are a top Phoenix paving contractor. The YSC crew evaluated the parking lot and scheduled a sealcoating and striping. The workers arrived promptly as scheduled and started prepping for the sealcoat. We cleaned the parking lot from any dirt or debris before getting started. We applied the sealcoat with a squeegee brush to ensure the mixture was spread evenly. We gave it time to dry before the striping.

Once the jobs were complete, we invited the business owner to take a look at his new and improved parking lot. He said, “I can’t believe this is the same parking lot; it looks fabulous!” The customer must have been really impressed because we later received a card from him that said, “I want to thank you and your crew for doing a great job on my parking lot. It looks amazing! Thank you.”

What Questions Should I Ask An Asphalt Contractor?

An asphalt pavement is an important decision for a homeowner. The asphalt is what is driven on to get you home. It adds to the appearance of the home, while also providing many benefits for a homeowner, and is why there should be some questions that you should ask your asphalt contractor.

How does a homeowner know which questions are more important than other questions? The truth is, all questions are important to ask. Any time a homeowner is adding anything to their home, they should ask their contractor every question they have.

When the contractor comes to your home to look over the area you would like to have asphalt applied to, have a list of questions ready to ask so you do not forget them. The homeowner should show the area where they would like to add asphalt, allow the contractor to look over the area, and then start asking questions.

“How much will it cost to install the asphalt in this area?” Once the contractor can see the area, they can start figuring the cost of supplies, materials, man power, and equipment needed to do the asphalt project, along with an approximate cost of the project.

“Do you have a license to complete my asphalt project?” The contractor can show the homeowner at this moment if they have a license to perform the asphalt project. Do they have insurance on the equipment and their employees? The contractor should be able to present the insurance for the equipment and employees at this time.

“Do you offer any warranty on the asphalt project?” If there is a warranty included on the asphalt project, the contractor will write it down in the bid and bill for the homeowner. The warranty will be stated clearly on the paperwork.

“How long will it take to have the asphalt project completed?” The contractor will estimate how much time the project will take. The contractor will go over the steps of installing the asphalt and how long each individual step will take.

These questions will cover the major concerns for the homeowner. The contractor can immediately answer and show any documents at this time. The homeowner will be able to decide if this is the contractor that they would like to hire for their asphalt project. This is a big decision for every homeowner, so having a qualified contractor will ease any worries or concerns.

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What Determines The Price Of My Asphalt Project?

The price of an asphalt project will start off by determining the square foot of the project. The square foot of the project is the area where the asphalt will be added. Other factors that determine the price of an asphalt project include:
* existing sub grade
* permits
* culvert placement
* materials
* time
* equipment
* labor


The existing sub grade is the area where the asphalt will be installed. The sub grade area should be free of any roots, debris, and should be completely clean. The area will be cleared, cleaned and ready for new asphalt to be applied.

Permits may be needed for asphalt projects that involve adding a culvert to the project. The culvert will allow the water to flow from the asphalt properly. The materials needed for an asphalt project will depend on how thick you want the asphalt to be. Some homeowners prefer having a thicker asphalt, just remember that the added inches will increase the price of the asphalt.

The equipment that needed is essential. Gone are the days when just a wheel barrel and shovel handles an asphalt project. There is a minimum of at least two large dump trucks needed for an asphalt project. Two trucks will keep the asphalt dumping at all times, which is important for the success of the project, as hot asphalt cannot sit in a truck; it needs to be dispensed immediately. Workers will be ready for the hot asphalt. When one truck leaves to get another load of hot asphalt, a truck will be ready to dump fresh hot asphalt.

The amount of time the new asphalt takes to be installed is also factored into the price, along with the labor of the employees performing the work. The number of employees needed for the project will be determined by the contractor. If the project is a large project, then there will be more employees needed, but the more employees needed, the faster the asphalt project will be completed. Insurance will be considered for the project, as the asphalt contractor will have to make sure that adequate insurance is obtained for the project. This is important for both you and your contractor.

The price of an asphalt project has many factors. Don’t let the price of asphalt determine who you hire for your project. An experienced and qualified asphalt contractor knows the importance of each factor for an asphalt project and will want to deliver the best results possible for you throughout the process.

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Asphalt Patching, Crack Sealing Sealcoating and striping project, Phoenix AZ

Sandra Day O’Connor School is part of the Deer Valley Unified School System.  YSC was awarded the job to address the parking lot maintenance needs of several of the Schools in this School District.  This included asphalt surface patching, removing and replacing asphalt and crack seal, sealcoat and restriping the parking and drive areas.  This work needed to occur in a short window of time in the summer.  Although the full classes were not in session, there were many summer classes going on and many other summer school activities to work around.  YSC coordinated it’s work with School personnel around these various activities and was able to complete them in the time frame allowed and with a quality that pleased the School District.

Asphalt Patching Sealcoating Phoenix, AZ


Parking Lot Paving Project in Phoenix, AZ

The parking lot for this very busy national radio station was in very poor condition.  This site is located in downtown Phoenix, where parking space is very scarce.  The employees of this business utilize the entire parking lot from morning to night, Monday thru Friday.  The customers’ requirements to construct a new parking lot was we could not begin our work until Friday at Noon, and the new parking lot needed to be ready for their employee parking first thing Monday morning.
YSC arrived on site approximately noon on Friday with its men, equipment and trucks.  We removed the asphalt, got it hauled off the site to the dump, and began the regarding process.  YSC worked into late Friday night. Saturday morning, while the re-grading process was being completed on the final section of the parking lot, the YSC paving crew began to install asphalt in the section that had been re-graded and re-compacted.  All of the asphalt was installed by Saturday afternoon.  The parking lot striping was applied on Sunday, and by Monday morning, the parking lot was ready for employee parking.

Parking Lot Paving Project Phoenix, AZ

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