Parking Lot Sealcoating & Striping for Phoenix Business Owner

A business owner in Phoenix, AZ gave us a call to update his parking lot. The parking lot is a reflection on your business and what customers notice first, and this particular customer was well aware of this fact. He knew that we could provide excellent parking lot maintenance services to him because we are a top Phoenix paving contractor. The YSC crew evaluated the parking lot and scheduled a sealcoating and striping. The workers arrived promptly as scheduled and started prepping for the sealcoat. We cleaned the parking lot from any dirt or debris before getting started. We applied the sealcoat with a squeegee brush to ensure the mixture was spread evenly. We gave it time to dry before the striping.

Once the jobs were complete, we invited the business owner to take a look at his new and improved parking lot. He said, “I can’t believe this is the same parking lot; it looks fabulous!” The customer must have been really impressed because we later received a card from him that said, “I want to thank you and your crew for doing a great job on my parking lot. It looks amazing! Thank you.”

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