Parking Lot Paving Project in Phoenix, AZ

The parking lot for this very busy national radio station was in very poor condition.  This site is located in downtown Phoenix, where parking space is very scarce.  The employees of this business utilize the entire parking lot from morning to night, Monday thru Friday.  The customers’ requirements to construct a new parking lot was we could not begin our work until Friday at Noon, and the new parking lot needed to be ready for their employee parking first thing Monday morning.
YSC arrived on site approximately noon on Friday with its men, equipment and trucks.  We removed the asphalt, got it hauled off the site to the dump, and began the regarding process.  YSC worked into late Friday night. Saturday morning, while the re-grading process was being completed on the final section of the parking lot, the YSC paving crew began to install asphalt in the section that had been re-graded and re-compacted.  All of the asphalt was installed by Saturday afternoon.  The parking lot striping was applied on Sunday, and by Monday morning, the parking lot was ready for employee parking.

Parking Lot Paving Project Phoenix, AZ

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