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Parking Lot Maintenance in Sun City Updates Local Shop’s Asphalt Surface

An outdoor furniture store owner had a parking lot that looked like it needed some small repairs. The owner knew that that simple repairs left undone could turn into a costly repair, so he called us at YSC Paving for Sun City parking lot maintenance.

After looking at the lot, we determined that the maintenance of crack sealing and sealcoating we would perform would end up saving them a lot of money on repairs in the long run, and the owner was very grateful to us for helping him by utilizing our experience and knowledge. The YSC Paving team returned to the furniture store just a few days later and started the repairs. The team got the repairs done for the customer quickly and affordably. The owner was delighted to know that the repairs were completed, and that his parking lot will continue to stay durable, strong, and look great with the YSC Paving parking lot maintenance in Sun City. We informed him that just having regular maintenance will save him from costly repairs later. We set the furniture owner on one of our parking lot maintenance programs, so he never has to worry about calling us in the future. We also provided some recommendations on the services he might want to opt for in the future, and what kind of timeline he was looking at. The customer will quickly see that the parking lot maintenance will protect the investment that he has with his parking lot.

Scottsdale Sealcoating Improves Parking Lot Appearance

One of our Scottsdale customers needed his parking lot sealcoated to enhance the pavement and fix the damage. Scottsdale Sealcoating is an excellent choice for asphalt pavements, especially parking lots, due to the large amount of traffic it can endure. This was part of the regular maintenance routine the customer would have performed for all of his facilities and grounds. We know he had been in his business for decades, but he told us that only in the past few years did he realize that regular maintenance ended up saving him a bundle in the long run. He went on to mention that bad asphalt was a lot like a rickety furnace in that people only seem to notice that it is bad when there is a problem. That was why he said he really enjoys a fresh sealcoating, because he can tell when quality asphalt is strong and durable.

The YSC crew arrived on time and ready to work. We inspected the pavement to check for any cracks and marked them. We made sure the pavement was thoroughly cleaned, so all dirt, debris, oil, sand, and chemicals would be removed. Any of these factors can inhibit an effective, strong bond from the sealant and pavement. The cracks were filled and the sealcoating was applied. We worked until the parking lot was sealcoated.

The following day we contacted the customer to get his reaction on the parking lot, and this was his response, “The Young, Swenson & Cross Paving crew did an amazing job on my parking lot; it looks outstanding! The crew showed professionalism and the price was right. Thank you.”


What Is The Process Of Laying Down Asphalt?


The decision to have an asphalt driveway installed at your home is a financial investment. This financial investment should provide the highest quality of work and materials from the best Youngtown asphalt contractor. There is a process of laying down asphalt and a qualified asphalt contractor should follow this process so the homeowner gets the proper asphalt needed for their driveway.

The steps that are involved in laying down asphalt include:

  • The ground needs to be strong for the asphalt to be structurally sound. The foundation may need to have stones added to the ground so it can provide a sturdy foundation. If the foundation has a soft grounding material or stumps and roots, then this all must be removed first, then stones can be added to the area.
  • The foundation is one of the most important features of the asphalt. Gravel is added to the foundation to create the sub-base. The gravel will allow for drainage of water from the asphalt, along with providing support for the asphalt. The sub-base is rolled with a vibrating roller that will compact the sub-base. The compaction should be around two to three inches of sub-base thickness. The sub-base can’t be soft or unleveled, as this will affect the asphalt completely.
  • The hot asphalt is now ready to be laid. The hot asphalt is laid on top of the sub-base, and then rolled evenly. The surface has a paver and roller go over the asphalt so the asphalt is distributed evenly and compacted at the same time. The edges are hand tamped at a 45 degree angle so it provides the support needed for the asphalt.
  • The asphalt is laid and the crew will block off the asphalt so that nothing and no one is able to drive or walk on the asphalt.

The process of laying asphalt sounds pretty easy, but there is a lot of detail and hard work that goes into laying an asphalt driveway. Being an asphalt worker requires determination, craftsmanship, and dedication, as this is a hard and tedious profession, but the rewards are unlimited.

An asphalt contractor can do a regular sized driveway in two days. One day is used for getting the foundation and area ready for the asphalt and the second day is the actual laying of the asphalt. You will be able to walk on the asphalt 24 hours after the asphalt is completed. You can park and drive on the asphalt three days later. The process for asphalt is not quick, but the wait is worth it in the long run.

How Can I Tell If A Quality Job Was Performed On My Asphalt Project?

The factors that can determine quality work relates to the experience that you have had with the contractor and the crew, the equipment used to perform the project, the skill set of the contractor and the crew, and the value each and every worker sees in each project they complete.

A Phoenix asphalt contractor will want to have a good working relationship with the owner from the time that the contractor meets the homeowner to go over the asphalt project, until the time the contractor is cleaning up the area and presenting the final bill to the homeowner.

The contractor and the crew will provide quality materials that are being used for the asphalt project. There will be no short cuts on quality materials for the customers. The contractor and crew will work hard and provide quality asphalt for you. The crew and contractor should go that extra mile to make sure that you are pleased with the asphalt project they are completing for you.

The crew will be able to use heavy equipment that has been maintained and been properly taken care of. They will all be qualified and skilled in the asphalt industry. The contractor will make sure that the asphalt project is installed with precise, high quality work and effort. When the asphalt project is complete, the crew will clean up the area and make sure the property looks great. There should be no mess left for the homeowner to clean. The asphalt project will be roped off so nobody will walk or drive on the newly laid asphalt.

The contractor will have the homeowner inspect the finished asphalt project. The contractor will show you all the details of your asphalt project. The contractor will allow the homeowner to ask any questions. Lastly, the homeowner will pay the contractor for a quality job well done.

When the asphalt contractor has an open line of communication with the homeowner and provides quality work, then the homeowner will know for certain that the asphalt project has been performed with the highest quality a contractor can supply. The homeowner will be happy that they received a high quality asphalt project that can last them up to 30 years, along with an honest asphalt contractor that they can depend on for future projects.

When Can I Drive or Park on Asphalt?

The most common question that a homeowner wants to know when they are having AZ asphalt installed is when they will be able to drive or park on the asphalt. The importance of staying off the asphalt is vital for the asphalt. The asphalt goes through a curing process, and every day that the asphalt is going through this process, the asphalt grows in strength and durability.

Generally, in most cases a homeowner can park or drive on their asphalt within three days. The conditions that effect when the homeowner can drive or park on the asphalt include the weather conditions, type of asphalt, and when the asphalt contractor recommends this. The heat associated with weather can add a day or two to the time to wait before using the asphalt. If the amount of time to wait changes, the contractor will let the homeowner know.

Newly laid asphalt can be fragile. The purpose of allowing the asphalt to cure is so the asphalt will gain strength. The strength added to the asphalt will allow the homeowner to add weight to the asphalt without worrying if the asphalt will buckle.

These helpful tips will allow the asphalt to cure and gain strength:

  • Limit heavy trucks on the asphalt.
  • The open edges of the asphalt should have backfill added for support.
  • Try to park the vehicle in different spots on the asphalt.
  • Motorcycle kickstands shouldn’t be put on the asphalt.
  • Watch acceleration while on the asphalt.
  • Folding chairs should be eliminated from the asphalt.
  • No sharp pointed objects to be on the asphalt.
  • Don’t drive on the edges of the asphalt.

These tips will keep the asphalt safe and allow the curing process to continue. Asphalt will continue to get stronger and stronger. The more attention to detail and carefulness that a homeowner does for the asphalt, then the better the asphalt will be. After a year, the asphalt will have reached the full curing process. At this point, the asphalt will be totally cured and as strong as it can be. It is just that first few days and up to a year that a homeowner wants to give special care and attention to the asphalt.

Sealcoating in Maricopa Scooter Lot in Great Shape

A Maricopa parking lot belonged to a dirt bike and scooter store. Their parking lot was always in exceptional shape. The owner took pride in keeping the parking lot in good condition, because many of his customers would want to try out a new dirt bike or scooter, and they usually did it in the parking lot. Customers would bring their bikes to the store, and sometimes the bikes would leak oil and gas, but the owner didn’t worry about this, because YSC was the asphalt paving company that kept his parking lot clean and maintained. The owner knows that one of the first things that his customer’s notice is his parking lot, and to keep his business steady, he always receives semi regular Maricopa sealcoating from the trusted asphalt contractors at YSC.

YSC provides regular sealcoating for the customer. The sealcoating keeps the asphalt protected, along with increasing the resilience, and with our regular maintenance we are able to spot any problems that the asphalt may have and do the necessary repairs. YSC can keep all asphalt lasting longer with our sealcoating maintenance program, and this saves businesses money in the long run too. The store owner continues to have a smooth and attractive parking lot, and he gives all the thanks to YSC, the sealcoating experts in Maricopa, Arizona. YSC thrives on providing the highest level of sealcoating to Maricopa businesses, because we understand that customers are our number one priority.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does Asphalt Require?

Asphalt is just like anything else you own: you have maintenance work to do to keep the asphalt operating correctly. You maintain your car by having an oil change and tune-up. Just like your car, your asphalt requires maintenance periodically.

Preventive maintenance will keep the asphalt in great condition by preserving the life of the asphalt. The preventive maintenance includes:

*Sealing cracks on the asphalt will reduce any water corrosion and intrusion.
*Repairing any chips will protect the top layer of the asphalt.
*Sealing the asphalt every three years will add a thin layer of seal that protects the asphalt from moisture, sun, and skids.
*A fog seal can be applied to the surface of the asphalt to fill in cracks. The fog seal will also waterproof the surface of the asphalt.
*Patching any holes prevent water intrusion.
*Overlay the asphalt to renew the surface of the asphalt. Overlay will add extra strength and provide a new, smooth surface.
*Make sure the asphalt is draining properly. If the surface of the asphalt has water lying on the surface, then the asphalt isn’t draining properly. Water damage is the number one problem for asphalt, so draining maintenance should be a number one priority for the asphalt.

Asphalt requires maintenance, but if the pavement is in need of major repair due to neglect of the asphalt, don’t panic, there are solutions to the problem! Asphalt can be repaired. If the base isn’t draining the water correctly, then a professional asphalt contractor can fix the base. Just adding sealer will not repair the base and holes, and cracks will return to the surface of the asphalt. If you are unsure if your asphalt has a major problem, we recommended that you give us at YSC a call. The contractor will be able to check the asphalt and the base to determine what is causing the water from draining.

If regular maintenance isn’t done to asphalt, then large problems will rapidly develop. The problems will start out minor, but if left unattended, the minor problems are now a huge catastrophe. These types of problems can cost a lot in repairs. This is why doing regular maintenance is a must. The asphalt will repay you by providing a safe, sturdy, and appealing asphalt surface. It doesn’t take a lot of time and money, but it does take dedication.

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What Questions Should I Ask An Asphalt Contractor?

An asphalt pavement is an important decision for a homeowner. The asphalt is what is driven on to get you home. It adds to the appearance of the home, while also providing many benefits for a homeowner, and is why there should be some questions that you should ask your asphalt contractor.

How does a homeowner know which questions are more important than other questions? The truth is, all questions are important to ask. Any time a homeowner is adding anything to their home, they should ask their contractor every question they have.

When the contractor comes to your home to look over the area you would like to have asphalt applied to, have a list of questions ready to ask so you do not forget them. The homeowner should show the area where they would like to add asphalt, allow the contractor to look over the area, and then start asking questions.

“How much will it cost to install the asphalt in this area?” Once the contractor can see the area, they can start figuring the cost of supplies, materials, man power, and equipment needed to do the asphalt project, along with an approximate cost of the project.

“Do you have a license to complete my asphalt project?” The contractor can show the homeowner at this moment if they have a license to perform the asphalt project. Do they have insurance on the equipment and their employees? The contractor should be able to present the insurance for the equipment and employees at this time.

“Do you offer any warranty on the asphalt project?” If there is a warranty included on the asphalt project, the contractor will write it down in the bid and bill for the homeowner. The warranty will be stated clearly on the paperwork.

“How long will it take to have the asphalt project completed?” The contractor will estimate how much time the project will take. The contractor will go over the steps of installing the asphalt and how long each individual step will take.

These questions will cover the major concerns for the homeowner. The contractor can immediately answer and show any documents at this time. The homeowner will be able to decide if this is the contractor that they would like to hire for their asphalt project. This is a big decision for every homeowner, so having a qualified contractor will ease any worries or concerns.

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What Determines The Price Of My Asphalt Project?

The price of an asphalt project will start off by determining the square foot of the project. The square foot of the project is the area where the asphalt will be added. Other factors that determine the price of an asphalt project include:
* existing sub grade
* permits
* culvert placement
* materials
* time
* equipment
* labor


The existing sub grade is the area where the asphalt will be installed. The sub grade area should be free of any roots, debris, and should be completely clean. The area will be cleared, cleaned and ready for new asphalt to be applied.

Permits may be needed for asphalt projects that involve adding a culvert to the project. The culvert will allow the water to flow from the asphalt properly. The materials needed for an asphalt project will depend on how thick you want the asphalt to be. Some homeowners prefer having a thicker asphalt, just remember that the added inches will increase the price of the asphalt.

The equipment that needed is essential. Gone are the days when just a wheel barrel and shovel handles an asphalt project. There is a minimum of at least two large dump trucks needed for an asphalt project. Two trucks will keep the asphalt dumping at all times, which is important for the success of the project, as hot asphalt cannot sit in a truck; it needs to be dispensed immediately. Workers will be ready for the hot asphalt. When one truck leaves to get another load of hot asphalt, a truck will be ready to dump fresh hot asphalt.

The amount of time the new asphalt takes to be installed is also factored into the price, along with the labor of the employees performing the work. The number of employees needed for the project will be determined by the contractor. If the project is a large project, then there will be more employees needed, but the more employees needed, the faster the asphalt project will be completed. Insurance will be considered for the project, as the asphalt contractor will have to make sure that adequate insurance is obtained for the project. This is important for both you and your contractor.

The price of an asphalt project has many factors. Don’t let the price of asphalt determine who you hire for your project. An experienced and qualified asphalt contractor knows the importance of each factor for an asphalt project and will want to deliver the best results possible for you throughout the process.

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What Is An Overlay And When Is It The Best Option?

Overlay is a process that involves adding a new layer of asphalt to the current layer of asphalt or concrete. Overlay will boost safety along with curb appeal for a home or business owner. The overlay allows for a new asphalt without paying the big costs of new asphalt.

When can a homeowner or business have the option of doing an overlay to their current concrete or asphalt? A homeowner or business can do an overlay when the current concrete or asphalt is free from any drainage problems or a faulty surface.

Water drainage can be a factor to consider in an overlay process. The current asphalt and concrete must be able to drain the water. If the water drains right, then overlay can be applied to the current asphalt.

If there is a water drainage problem with the current asphalt, then this will need to be repaired before an overlay can be done. An asphalt contractor can take a look at the current concrete or asphalt and determine immediately if it is a good option for the overlay. If the water drainage issue is not repaired, the overlay will have no chance for success.

The current concrete or asphalt will have to be thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the overlay. This may involve filling any cracks. The cracks will need to be filled to prevent damage to the new overlay. The current asphalt will have a coat applied that will create a bond between the new and current asphalt. This application is vital for the overlay to be successful. A paving of asphalt will be added after the bonding has been applied, then paving will continue until the surface is smooth.

Overlay is an excellent option for homeowners and businesses. This allows for an inexpensive layer to be applied to improve your current asphalt. The appearance of the overlay will be fresh and new, adding years of life to the current asphalt. Many homeowners and businesses use the overlay process for cost efficient asphalt updates.

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