Scottsdale Sealcoating Improves Parking Lot Appearance

One of our Scottsdale customers needed his parking lot sealcoated to enhance the pavement and fix the damage. Scottsdale Sealcoating is an excellent choice for asphalt pavements, especially parking lots, due to the large amount of traffic it can endure. This was part of the regular maintenance routine the customer would have performed for all of his facilities and grounds. We know he had been in his business for decades, but he told us that only in the past few years did he realize that regular maintenance ended up saving him a bundle in the long run. He went on to mention that bad asphalt was a lot like a rickety furnace in that people only seem to notice that it is bad when there is a problem. That was why he said he really enjoys a fresh sealcoating, because he can tell when quality asphalt is strong and durable.

The YSC crew arrived on time and ready to work. We inspected the pavement to check for any cracks and marked them. We made sure the pavement was thoroughly cleaned, so all dirt, debris, oil, sand, and chemicals would be removed. Any of these factors can inhibit an effective, strong bond from the sealant and pavement. The cracks were filled and the sealcoating was applied. We worked until the parking lot was sealcoated.

The following day we contacted the customer to get his reaction on the parking lot, and this was his response, “The Young, Swenson & Cross Paving crew did an amazing job on my parking lot; it looks outstanding! The crew showed professionalism and the price was right. Thank you.”


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