When Can I Drive or Park on Asphalt?

The most common question that a homeowner wants to know when they are having AZ asphalt installed is when they will be able to drive or park on the asphalt. The importance of staying off the asphalt is vital for the asphalt. The asphalt goes through a curing process, and every day that the asphalt is going through this process, the asphalt grows in strength and durability.

Generally, in most cases a homeowner can park or drive on their asphalt within three days. The conditions that effect when the homeowner can drive or park on the asphalt include the weather conditions, type of asphalt, and when the asphalt contractor recommends this. The heat associated with weather can add a day or two to the time to wait before using the asphalt. If the amount of time to wait changes, the contractor will let the homeowner know.

Newly laid asphalt can be fragile. The purpose of allowing the asphalt to cure is so the asphalt will gain strength. The strength added to the asphalt will allow the homeowner to add weight to the asphalt without worrying if the asphalt will buckle.

These helpful tips will allow the asphalt to cure and gain strength:

  • Limit heavy trucks on the asphalt.
  • The open edges of the asphalt should have backfill added for support.
  • Try to park the vehicle in different spots on the asphalt.
  • Motorcycle kickstands shouldn’t be put on the asphalt.
  • Watch acceleration while on the asphalt.
  • Folding chairs should be eliminated from the asphalt.
  • No sharp pointed objects to be on the asphalt.
  • Don’t drive on the edges of the asphalt.

These tips will keep the asphalt safe and allow the curing process to continue. Asphalt will continue to get stronger and stronger. The more attention to detail and carefulness that a homeowner does for the asphalt, then the better the asphalt will be. After a year, the asphalt will have reached the full curing process. At this point, the asphalt will be totally cured and as strong as it can be. It is just that first few days and up to a year that a homeowner wants to give special care and attention to the asphalt.

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