Parking Lot Maintenance in Sun City Updates Local Shop’s Asphalt Surface

An outdoor furniture store owner had a parking lot that looked like it needed some small repairs. The owner knew that that simple repairs left undone could turn into a costly repair, so he called us at YSC Paving for Sun City parking lot maintenance.

After looking at the lot, we determined that the maintenance of crack sealing and sealcoating we would perform would end up saving them a lot of money on repairs in the long run, and the owner was very grateful to us for helping him by utilizing our experience and knowledge. The YSC Paving team returned to the furniture store just a few days later and started the repairs. The team got the repairs done for the customer quickly and affordably. The owner was delighted to know that the repairs were completed, and that his parking lot will continue to stay durable, strong, and look great with the YSC Paving parking lot maintenance in Sun City. We informed him that just having regular maintenance will save him from costly repairs later. We set the furniture owner on one of our parking lot maintenance programs, so he never has to worry about calling us in the future. We also provided some recommendations on the services he might want to opt for in the future, and what kind of timeline he was looking at. The customer will quickly see that the parking lot maintenance will protect the investment that he has with his parking lot.

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