An attractive, easy to navigate apartment complex needs to have stable, safe asphalt pavement. Property management companies in charge of large, multi-family residential properties need to have a local asphalt paving company on their side to make sure the roadways, walkways, and parking areas in their apartment complex are safe for residents and beautiful to attract new tenants.

YSC Paving: Apartment Paving Experts in Arizona

We’ve been working with apartment complexes for over 20 years. We’re experienced with all the kinds of safety features tenants need as well as the best way to direct traffic and maximize parking. We can take care of all apartment paving solutions from curb to curb, including informing tenants of alternative parking and traffic flow while we do our work.  

Asphalt Paving for Apartment Complexes

Apartment Parking Lot Paving

Parking is the number one amenity for tenants in apartment complexes, and the first thing prospective tenants notice. They need to navigate the property easily and safely store their vehicles, so your parking area needs to be efficient, safe, and attractive. 

Multi-Family Residential Parking Lot Services

  • Grading and excavation
  • Asphalt installation
  • Line striping
  • Parking signage
  • Numbering, lettering, and handicapped parking symbols
  • Traffic lanes
  • No parking zones, painted curbs

Apartment Paving Services

YSC can not only build your parking lot from the ground up with asphalt paving services but also fix pavement damage like potholes and cracks, as well as maintain your asphalt to extend its lifespan. Our paving services specifically designed for apartment complexes include:

  • Crack filling
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Pothole repairs
  • Sealcoating

YSC Paving can cover whatever property management teams need in terms of tenant safety, beautiful-looking pavement, and everything in between. Contact us today if you’re curious about what we can do for your multifamily residential property!

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