Asphalt Contractor in Mesa completes roadway paving for HOA

The experienced asphalt paving contractors at YSC Paving is the leading asphalt paving company in Mesa, AZ and surrounding areas. Our cost-effective approach to paving is appealing to residential and commercial paving clients alike. We recently helped a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) in the Mesa area with an asphalt paving project.

HOA Paving Project in Mesa AZ

The roads throughout the Home Owner’s Association were aged, with cracks and a few pot holes. The HOA wanted to have the entire two miles of road re-paved but they wanted to work with someone who understood the need for extra curb appeal and whose services showed true professionalism. After searching for some time, they found us and were sold right away. They were especially pleased with the fact that we help meet budget needs with budget planning for work provided and our complimentary site visits and estimates. They wanted to find a company they could not only trust to pave the entire area while maintaining the high standard of appearance in the HOA but also someone they could trust to work with long term for this large 55+ HOA community.

Our commercial paving crew started the job on a Thursday morning and carefully planned and executed the job in phases so as to allow traffic through for the homeowners. After excavating the existing road, we prepped the site by preparing sub grade then paved the new surface. It took us two and a half days to have the job completed from start to finish.

The HOA reached out afterward to tell us how glad they were the chose to work with YSC for their road paving, knowing they made the right choice. They said they know who to call for any future paving needs.

Roadway Paving in Mesa AZ

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