Places of Worship

Church leaders may not think about pavement services, but the parking lot and walkways on a religious property are vital for the safety of visitors and attracting new members. 

Parking Lot Paving for Churches & Religious Organizations

With over 20 years in the paving industry, YSC Paving understands what all kinds of clients need from their pavement, and we’ve developed specific approaches for paving church properties. 

Church Parking Lot Concerns

Most parking lots on church properties are heavily used only on certain days and left empty on others, and this means that their parking areas need to be easy to navigate and park on. Because of elderly visitors, church walkways need to be safe for pedestrians. When our pavement inspectors walk a church property, here’s some of the things they look for:

  • Bright, visible parking lines
  • Wide, well-marked traffic lanes
  • Properly marked handicapped parking spaces
  • Sidewalks free of cracks, depressions, or lifting
  • Smooth, dark colored asphalt pavement

YSC Paving’s Proven Asphalt Services

In order to maintain the pavement integrity needed for high traffic parking lots and sidewalks such as on religious properties, quality paving services are essential. Here’s how some of the asphalt services from YSC Paving can preserve church pavement.

  • Parking lot paving services focus on installing durable pavement with all the correct markings to comply with municipal regulations.
  • Asphalt sealcoating protects pavement from wear and weathering, as well as creates a smooth surface for restriping parking lines.

YSC Paving: Dedicated to Quality Asphalt Paving for Churches in AZ

Because we understand how church parking lots and sidewalks are used, we can tailor our response to their needs. Since Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays are often busy days for religious organizations, we perform all paving services on off days so that churches can continue their usual operations. 

For this level of service for your paving project, contact YSC Paving today!

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