Glendale Asphalt Maintenance Helps Pet Store’s Clientele

A Glendale pet store had a lot of loose asphalt and big chunks of gravel all over their parking lot. This type of gravel and rock was starting to effect the dogs whose owners brought them into the store. The pet owners would arrive at the store and when the dog owners would walk their dogs inside the dogs’ paws were getting hurt due to the condition of the parking lot. The store owner was, of course, horrified when he heard this was happening (being a dog lover himself and owning a pet store), so he contacted the best Glendale asphalt company to come and fix their lot that needed maintenance and immediate repairs. The best Glendale asphalt company for the job was obviously YSC Paving.

When we heard about the condition of the parking lot in Glendale and what it was doing to the dogs we scheduled a meeting that same day as we all here at YSC are animal lovers as well. The crew arrived at the store and inspected the parking lot. We recommended patching, crack sealing, and then sealcoating. These maintenance and repairs would get the lot back in great working condition that would be safe and durable. The owner agreed, and wanted us to start quickly, so our crew returned that afternoon and started the project. It took the YSC crew several days, but we finally finished and the parking lot looked outstanding. The customer was overjoyed to see his new parking lot. He said he will now call YSC for his asphalt maintenance Glendale pet owners would enjoy.

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